Guidelines:  When submitting an Application (see "Grant Cycles/Apply"), please consider the following:

  • Awards are limited to nonprofit organizations with current exempt status as defined by the Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c)(3) (or other appropriate section) and further, to those located in Broome County, NY; Delaware County, NY and Cameron County, PA and occasionally the surrounding areas.
  • Awards may be considered for capital projects, or well-established programs. Awards may also be considered for start up funds and new initiatives.
  • Requests must not unnecessarily duplicate the work of other local organizations, and if applicable, must demonstrate sustainability and/or other ongoing support.
  • The Foundation does not make awards to individuals, nor does it typically make awards to churches or other organizations for religious purposes.
  • The Foundation does not typically make awards for operating support, sponsorships, to fund endowments, or for marketing expenses.
  • Awards are made in the minimum amount of $1,000.00. The Foundation may award less than the amount requested and may also consider providing matching or challenge grants.
  • An oganization should not submit a new Application unless all previous grants to that organization have been completed with final reports submitted and approved. (Limited exceptions may apply.)
  • An Application must: (1) clearly identify a current need or issue and show how that need or issue was determined; (2) illustrate the realistic and attainable objectives and goals; (3) set forth specific action steps to meet the need and achieve the objectives and goals; and (4) outline how the desired outcomes will be measured.
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