2014 GRANTS (Totaling $898,782.02)

  • ARTS/CULTURE: ($42,015.39)
CIDER MILL PLAYHOUSE, INC. - $20,067.00 towards upgrades to electrical and theatrical systems and office equipment

DEPOSIT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - $4,050.00 for improvements to the Bundy House Museum in Deposit, NY

GOODWILL THEATRE, INC. - $11,000.00 towards emergency structural repairs at its administrative offices

WHITNEY POINT PRESCHOOL, INC. - $6,898.39 to purchase equipment for its Saving Grace Art Center including an electric piano, projection system, and cushions for seating, etc.
  • COMMUNITY/RECREATION: ($229,501.23)
CAMERON COUNTY RECREATION BOARD - $80,656.40 for a new playground with fencing and lighting at the Third Street Park in Emporium, PA

HANCOCK PARTNERS - $50,000.00 final installment on a $300,000.00 grant for the new Town Square in Hancock, New York

HOMETOWN MENTORS, INC. - $6,524.83 for a new playground surface area and improvements to the clubhouse at the Prospect Park Playground in Emporium, PA

MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY ASSOCIATION - $1,320.00 to subsidize the cost of Broome County children to attend the MDA Sunshine Rotary Summer Camp in Rush, NY

PORT ALLEGANY AREA RECREATIONAL AUTHORITY - $16,000.00 to fund the engineering portion of a feasibility study for the Community Pool project

RIDGWAY YMCA (PENNSYLVANIA) - $50,000.00 towards renovations and updates of the fitness room and aquatic wing at the YMCA

SOUTHERN TIER ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY - $25,000.00 in new pavement for the visitor walkways at Ross Park Zoo in Binghamton, NY
  • EDUCATION: ($247,997.00)
BROOME COMMUNITY COLLEGE FOUNDATION - $100,000.00 third and final installment on a $300,000.00 grant for the construction of a natural science building

CAMERON COUNTY AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT - $21,000.00 towards the 2014 band trip for 56 students to participate in the Peal Harbor Memorial Parade in Honolulu, Hawaii

DELAWARE OPPORTUNITIES - $20,000.00 towards the purchase of a new bus for the Headstart Preschool Program in Fishes Eddy, NY

DEPOSIT COMMUNITY CENTER - $10,000.00 to fund the daycare, after school care and summer programs for 2014

HANCOCK COMMUNITY EDUCATION FOUNDATION - $10,000.00 to fund the-K-4  After School Program for 2014

HANCOCK COMMUNITY EDUCATION FOUNDATION - $10,000.00 to fund the 5-9 After School Program for 2014

HANCOCK COMMUNITY EDUCATION FOUNDATION - $7,500.00 to fund the Children's Center for 2014 (ages birth to 3)

JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER - $15,000.00 towards a new playground for the daycare, after school care and early childhood education programs in Vestal, New York

JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT OF WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA - $10,000.00 to fund Junior Achievement programs in Cameron and Elk County school districts

KOPERNIK OBSERVATORY & SCIENCE CENTER - $13,9997.00 to bring the LEGO WeDo Robotics Traveling Program to third grade classes in eleven Broome County, NY school districts in 2014

ST. MARK COMMUNITY DAYCARE CENTER - $10,000.00 to fund the daycare program for 2014 and $8,000.00 for upgrades and equipment purchase

ST. PAUL'S CATHOLIC CHURCH FOR THE HANCOCK COMMUNITY PRESCHOOL - $7,500.00 to fund the Preschool Program for 2014

WSKG PUBLIC TELECOMMUNICATIONS - $5,000.00 towards funding the creation of a youth media lab for at-risk teens
  • HEALTH/HUMAN SERVICES: ($379,268.40)

ACHIEVE - $50,000.00 second installment on a $100,000.00 grant for the renovation and expansion of the Day Habilitation space at the Binghamton, NY location

ALCOHOL & DRUG ABUSE SERVICES, INC. - $8,721.00 for the purchase and installation of a new telephone system at its various Pennsylvania offices

ASSOCIATION FOR VISION REHABILITATION AND EMPLOYMENT - $50,000.00 being the first installment on a $100,000.00 grant towards the purchase and installation of a new digicut sheeter

BROOME COUNTY COUNCIL OF CHURCHES - $5,000.00 for the CHOW Food Pantry Program

CHARLES COLE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL FOUNDATION- $11,675.40 for the purchase of two treadmills for the Emporium, PA Rehabilitation and Wellness Center

CHILDREN'S HOME OF BRADFORD PA - $50,000.00 being the first installment on a $100,000.00 grant for the construction of a clinical wing at the First Street location to house the STRIDE Program

FAMILY PLANNING OF SOUTH CENTRAL NEW YORK - $1,500.00 to purchase an automated external defibrillator for the Binghamton, NY office

KEYSTONE RURAL HEALTH CONSORTIA - $27,372.00 to purchase a Computed Radiography Reader for the existing x-ray machine at the Emporium, PA clinic

LOURDES HOSPITAL FOUNDATION - $100,000.00 for the new medical clinic in Hancock, NY, (representing the seventh and final installment on a $700,000.00 grant payable over seven years from 2008 to 2014)

NORTHERN TIER COMMUNITY ACTION - $5,000.00 for the Emporium, PA Food Pantry

PENN HIGHLANDS ELK - $40,000.00 for the lease of a new 128-Slice CT Scanner

ST. PAUL'S CATHOLIC CHURCH - $5,000.00 for the Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry in Hancock, NY

UNITED HEALTH SERVICES FOUNDATION - $25,000.00 towards the purchase of two 3-D Breast Tomosynthesis Mammography Units for the Breast Care Center in Vestal, NY




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